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New Arrival Special Notice


New Book Arrival Review:
Book Arrival Reviews

The Holt Labor Library has received a donation from Index Books, the decendents of New Park Publications in London, at one time the largest Trotskyist publishing house in that country.


New Arrival Special Notice


New Book Arrival Review:
Book Arrival Reviews

The Holt Labor Library Is starting a New Arrival Review Section of new books recieved from publishers or writers. We will usually repring the the publishers own description of the book as well as any special comments we think are noteworthy about the book. The first review is from Steve Early's 2010 work The Civil Wars in U.S. Labor, Birth of a New Workers Movement of the Death Throes of the Old?


Publications of the Left Opposition project


Left Opposition Digitization Project

We are pleased to announce a joint project between the Holt Labor Library, the Raizinov Library and the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line: The Left Opposition Digitization Project which is in the process of digitizing much of the North American Oppositionist/Trotskyist publications: The Militant, Fourth International, Labor Action and other early US and Canadian Left Opposition publications. Using the extensive holdings of original publications at Holt Labor and Raizinov,we are digitizing these publications into PDFs and make them available by way of the ETOL. The first years of The Militant are available now.


May Day Exhibit


Holt Labor Library Audio Collection

We are pleased to announce a selection of the library's audio collection is now online in mp3 format, hosted by the Marxists Internet Archive. Currently, lectures by George Breitman, James P. Cannon, Farrell Dobbs, Tom Kerry, Ernest Mandel, Evelyn Reed, Harry Ring, and Larry Trainor are available, with more to be added.

Taft-Hartley Exhibit


Berta Green Langston Papers Finding Aid

Correspondence, newsletters, newspaper articles, and miscellaneous writings and memorabilia concerning the Alexander Defense Committee, Committee to Combat Racial Injustice, the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, the Committee to Aid the Monroe Defendants, and the Committee on New Alternatives in the Middle East.

Mattingly Button Exhibit

LaborTech 2008: The Digital Revolution and Labor Media Strategy

The "Archives of Dissent" panel held at U.C. Berkeley 9/18/2008 can now be seen on YouTube:
The panel was part of a week-long series of Bay Area events titled "The Great Rehearsal" commemorating the worldwide upheavals of 1968, their impacts and legacies. Shannon Sheppard, director of the Holt Labor Library was invited to give extended remarks from the floor following the panel (midway through the video).

The mission of the Holt Labor Library is to make available to working people, activists, and scholars the theoretical, historical, and experiential dimensions of the class struggle in the advanced industrialized world in the 19th through 21st centuries. We invite you to utilize the resources we have collected by browsing our web pages and visiting our library in San Francisco. 


San Francisco Bay Guardian names Holt Labor Library "Best Little Hothouse of Budding Revolutionaries"



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